I have often posted about loving to cook.  I also love to bake.  A few years ago I realized most of my kitchen appliances and cookware were toxic and no longer wanted to use a majority of them.  However, there are a handful I will never stop using – like my cast iron skillets.  Sustainable living comes through living responsibly.  For me, living responsibly, in part, means cooking and baking using appliances and cookware which are well made and will last twenty to thirty years, or more.

Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

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One of my best baking appliances is my Kitchen Aid.  I have had my artisan mixer for over six years and it still runs like new.  If you want to make the most of your food, there are a ton of wonderful attachments to use with your mixer.  My current favorite is the ice cream attachment.  Homemade gelato and ice cream mixed to perfection in about twenty minutes time (not including prep time).  Kitchen Aid did not pay for this testimonial, I just love my mixer!

Another thing you will want to do is get rid of all of the teflon baking dishes.  I have been baking fancy cakes and decorating them since our 17 year old was a baby.  I had about twenty cake pans and teflon coated casserole dishes and cookie sheets.  They were beat up and scratched up..and I worried about teflon and BPA and all of the other bad stuff out there.  I thought about growing up and watching my Mawmaw cook and bake.  She didn’t use teflon coated pans.  She used cast iron, stainless steel and….glass and porcelain baking dishes.  The good news?  I have linked up with Cooking.com to help you replace your old cookware and bakeware!

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So, tell me, what appliances or cook/bakeware do you use which are sustainable?

Glass Container

Recycled Glass Containers are Beautiful and Useable