Join a work at home mom of three beautiful girls in her endeavors of being an attachment parent while starting her own business.  We are endeavoring to live a sustainable life with gardening, chickens and canning projects and homeschooling a senior in high school, next year starting with kindergarten. See how much a beginning homesteader can screw things up as she learns.

You can also find me at my freelance website:

I am a 39 year old mother of three.  All girls.  I am happily married and dizzily in love.  My husband is a librarian and I work at home as a virtual assistant and freelance writer.  My first daughter was fully vaccinated, my second partially (that was when I decided the mercury level was too high, but they were required for daycare – she got enough to get her through) and my last has had only three vaccines (also required for her short stint in daycare).  I am putting off vaxing until they are older – I am about to start with the middle girl in the next few months.  I would consider not vaxing at all, but my father in law travels out of the country to Mexico and Central America and I am not willing to risk something happening to them, just in case.

We live in a small house on a lot of land.  We have seven hens and a rooster, three dogs, a cat, a parrot, fruit trees, pecan trees, compost area and a medium sized garden.  I can fruits and veggies, as well as dehydrate some items, like herbs.  I do not like to buy canned veggies, if I have to buy them I buy fresh or frozen.  I do not buy prepackaged foods and we rarely eat out.  We belong to our local CSA, with shares of chicken and beef (see Ovis Hill Farms for more information, or message me and I can give you the details).  I am strongly into the slow food movement, but admit to have a weakness for Wendy’s I occasionally indulge in (hey, no one is perfect!).

One day I will have a goat, sheep or cow (I cannot make up my mind), one day when the lil ones are a bit older and less needy in the way under foot “helpful”.  And big enough the animal will not accidentally step on them lol

I also homeschool our teenage daughter.  She is currently in 12th grade.  She should graduate in June of 2011.  Homeschool and toddlers can be an interesting combination.  I only started last year and we have definitely discovered a lot of learning curves on both our sides.  Add her ADHD and my ADD into the mix, as well as ADHD in the four year old…well, you get the idea.  I am starting some PreK with the four year old and considering options for kindergarten next year – still on the fence between homeschool and virtual charter school.

So, stick around and see what is what.  See how the cards fall, after the toddlers pick them up and fling them in the air for fun.

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2 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Sofia Says:

    I have been reading your blog and what stroke me as interesting is apart from the fact that there are many similarities between our families is also the fact of your daughter with ADHD. I would be interested in finding out how you are dealing with it, via meds, food, etc.

    1. Earth_Mommy Says:

      Hi Sofia! When I first found out about the ADHD we tried diet and behavior therapy first, but it did not have the results the school she was in wanted, so we went to Ritalin. Turns out she had the worst of the side effects on this one, so we switched. We have been on Adderal, Concerta, and several others with a mixture of success. The Concerta was the one which worked the best for us, though. Since starting homeschool a few years ago we have been able to stop the medication and, though she has troubles concentrating at times, we are doing great just on meditation and diet control.

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