White Chicken

My White Zombie

Breaking into the feedbag

Nom nom nom nom

Some of our chickens roost in the tree branches.

Chicken roosting in a tree

Our Chickens Think They Are Regular Birds

Feed Me!

Yesterday we spent the morning at Ovis Hills Farm in Timmonsville, SC.  It was sheep shearing day.  The shearer said he does about 200 sheep per day (that’s a lifetime of yarn for me!).

That is a lot of future yarn!

They feel so much better afterwards, it gets hot around here.

Cows have eyelashes?  Whoda thunk?

They even let the lil ones bottle feed a baby!

For a chicken with one leg, this little lady sure did get around well.

And she was very comfy eating out of the trough with the sheep.

They even got to pet a baby cow.

BTW, if you are local, you should totally go to the farm and visit!  Everyone was super friendly and very patient with all of our questions.

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