Note:  I was given a copy of this book by F+W Media for review purposes.  But, as always, I never agree on a positive review and my opinions are not compromised because I love Heather to death!

I grew up in a Southern family.  I remember I could not watch General Hospital after school if I hadn’t made my bed before leaving for school that morning (I missed a lot of episodes of General Hospital).  I remember watching my Mawmaw clean and dust.  Dusting was odd to me.  But then, because she did it regularly, I never saw it so thought it silly to dust when we never had dust.  As a grown up, with kids and a husband of my own, I do the laundry.  The dishes eventually get washed.  The floor is swept at least once a week.  I cook at least one meal a day.  I swipe at cobwebs in the corners of rooms when I notice them.  I do not own a vacuum cleaner (we have tile or hardwood floors).  Let’s just say, I am not my Mawmaw.  There is noticeable dust.  My bed still isn’t made in the mornings – but that’s ok, since I haven’t watched General Hospital since high school.

Reading Heather’s book made me feel guilty.  Heather’s book made me feel EXTREMELY guilty.  I now have a schedule laid out on the white board in my office.  To clean my house.  On a regular basis.  Yes, dusting is on the list.  Making my bed is not (I’m a rebel, ya know).

There are parts in the book where I had to put it down and go into a room and look.  I felt a little nauseated.  And thankful no one has ever refused food or drink while in my house (no worries, I am not destined to be on any reality shows where they show how bad a housecleaner I am, but I also am not going to win any great housekeeping awards, either  I just suck at getting off my bum and cleaning the house thoroughly).  Did you know if you have jets in your bath tub you are supposed to clean them out a few times a year?  Or they get groddy inside and will leave floating mold and germs in your bath tub????  Did you know the pink rings around your tub and toilet was actually a mold which contributes to urinary tract infections and you can only get rid of it with a weak solution of bleach???  Better yet, did you know there was a lint trap in the hose of your washing machine?? I didn’t until I called a repairman because the washer wasn’t draining (“Did you turn off and then back on again?” is the DUH of the tech world, the lint hose must be the DUH of the washer repair world).

Heather also tells us about the mixing of cleaning chemicals.  Which ones to use on what kinds of surfaces, which ones NOT to use on a certain kinds of surfaces.  Did you know if there were any splashes of urine on the sides of the bowl in your toilet, you will release toxic gases if you put bleach inside to clean it??  Yeah…um…I knew that….yeah.

This book doesn’t just talk about cleaning your house, though, it also helps you with laundry (stains are the bane of everyone’s existence), minor repairs (ever spill fingernail polish remover on good furniture or had a toilet you have to jiggle the handle on?) around the house (Did your ring, or anything else, drop down the sink?  There’s a section for that!) and cooking (do you burn water?  Heather gives you hope and encouragement, and help with menu planning and weekly shopping/pantry stocking).

I think I may turn into a hybrid of Heather and my Mawmaw now.  My mom cleaned, but she also worked full time and had three kids.  I don’t remember ever seeing her dust, either, but that could just be selective memory or memory amnesia.  I am now looking around my home with a whole new outlook – and wondering if I can afford to take a few weeks off, ship the kids out somewhere during this time, and do some deep, deep cleaning…..yeah, that’s not gonna happen.  But Heather let’s us know, if you only have 15 minutes, you can still get a lot accomplished.  Now, who wants to hold the ladder so I can dust the ceiling fans???

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