It is almost the end of 2011.  I thought I would do a quick review of our life this year.

Decorated Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays!

Rogan started working this year for the State Library.  He was named a Mover and Shaker by the Library Journal.  He has published several articles and even cowrote an RPG book.  He has presented at several conferences, and has been asked to speak at more in the next year.  He is working too many hours and has too much stress, but I am proud of all of his accomplishments.  Rogan was in the parking lot of Walmart one day this fall and saw a man with a box of puppies.  He brought two of them home.  We are now up to five dogs in the house and I am officially sick of house training dogs.


Rhiannon finished 12th grade this fall.  She has changed hairstyles at least four times.  She is not sure what she wants to do with her life, so is in the process of “finding herself.”  Currently she watches the girls for me four hours per day during the week, so I can get some work done that requires concentration.  We also let Rhiannon pick out a cat from the humane society, where she volunteers on Saturdays, as an early Christmas present this year.  We are now up to two cats and my allergies are not amused.


Rowan started kindergarten this fall.  She is smart as a tack, picking up her ABCs, learning to write, learning about new animals in the documentaries and learning programs on the iPad.  She isn’t reading yet, but that is only a matter of time.  I cut Rowan’s hair this summer, so it is shoulder length and much easier to brush now.  Unfortunately, when I cut it most of her curls went away 😦


River thinks Rowan doing school is interesting at times, but she never wants to join in.  Maybe next year she will garner some interest in learning herself.  We may need an extra iPad or two!  River didn’t want me to cut her hair when I cut Rowan’s, so I am still struggling with hair brushing with River and her tangle of curls.  Would help if she would let me brush it more often.


Me?  I’ve been working more hours, picked up extra work from one client and in the last month gained a new client.  Things are looking up in the work at home front.  I also started testing recipes for a website for a cookbook author.  (I haven’t been keeping up with the recipe testing very well the last six months, I hope they don’t kick me from the program.)  The last few months have also seen a significant improvement in how I feel with the PPD/A.  I am on an upward curve and hope this means the end of the evilness that is my hormones.


I am sure I have missed a lot of what has gone on in our lives, but that is a broad overview.  I hope you and yours are all happy and healthy and that this continues on into the New Year!


Hey ya’ll.  Sorry for being absent for a while.  Let me catch everyone up on what has been going on at Casa de Hamby.  We have been very busy, each and every one of us.  Writing, potty training, chicken problems, kid problems, new businesses and new jobs OH MY!  All in all, we are doing well.  We are healthy and happy.  And that is what counts, right?

Busy Office Worker

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been busy doing some articles for Untrained Housewife.  I am mainly focusing on doing a series on essential oils and their uses.  I will also be doing a series of product reviews there, as I did earlier this year for Eco Smart Safe Plant and Garden Bundle.  So keep an eye on the site for more from me in the next month!

I am also working on a post on safe c-section births for Kimberly over at It’s a Beautiful Wreck for her month long series. (I promise, Kimberly, it’s coming along!)


roll of TP

Potty Time

Yes, it’s time to talk about….poop!  We are in the midst of potty training our two year old, River.  She often yells out, “Pee NOW!” throughout the day for the last few weeks.  When we were potty training Rowan the easiest way to get her to go potty was to let her go bare bummed throughout the day.  As is often said in the mothering community, every child is different.  This is also true for potty training.  River could care less about pee running down her legs at this stage in the game.  This is also true of…poop.  Elimination Communication may work for some mothers, but I play WoW stay so busy, I sometimes miss her cues.  Other times, I see the cue, but she refuses to move from the spot where she is currently crouched down and pooping.  She is doing a good job at staying dry for most of the day, but the River pee flows at night, often soaking through onto me onto the mattress.  Good thing we have a mattress protector!

My birthday was Tuesday – no I will NOT tell you how old I am! :p  So, if any hybrid car manufacturers *cough* Toyota *cough* Honda *cough* want to talk to me about a sponsorship, give me a shout!  It would be an awesome opportunity for me belated birthday present!  I am also open to sustainable kitchenware and gardening publishers Help me get to BlogHer11!!! Rogan got me a wonderful cast iron Japanese tea pot set and Teavana’s Peach Tranquility loose leaf tea.


I Love Lucy

The baby chickens are no longer babies.  They are juveniles now.  I think at least one is a rooster, I am naming it Fred.  I am going to have to either find it a new home or we will be having it for Sunday dinner.  Ricky, the rooster, who was named for the two hens Lucy and Ethel, may have to go, as well.  He is one mean cuss!  Warhol, our original rooster, has been run off by him and he not only chases the lil ones like Warhol did, but he also attacks them – as well as Rogan and me!  I can’t have him hurting the babies – and don’t like being run up on from behind and scratched, either!

I am also working on a plan to fence in their roost, only letting them out for short periods during the day.  Ethel’s babies roost up in the high tree branches, so the fence is nothing to them – or the other chickens.  Putting up the steel cage fence prison yard was done to keep the chickens out of the neighbor across the way’s yard, but they still wander over there after flying over the fence! *sigh*  I know you can get their wings clipped, but I just can’t do that to them.  Plus, they lay their eggs all over the place – when we find one spot, they start laying somewhere else.  So having them fenced in will force them to lay where we can find their eggs.  After all, it’s eggnog season we don’t want eggs going bad when they lay them in out-of-the-way spots – or be surprised by baby chicks coming out the woods by the dozen that would be cool though.

Rogan has started his own business, in addition to working full time at the library, and he now has a part time contract job working for the State Library.  He has been working hard with the board for the last few years helping to get SC LENDS off the ground.  He is now helping to maintain and upgrade the system and help new libraries coming into the consortium with all the IT do whatis whats it called technical stuff and project management.

So, this is what I have been doing for the last little bit.  What is new in your world?  Any potty training tips out there?  Please comment, I don’t bite.